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Allows you to attach your trekking umbrella or hiking stick(s) to all backpack systems which have suitable straps and/or loops
Can be used to attach or mount an umbrella to a stroller, bike, beach chair or other suitable object
Contains one pair of black neoprene holders and one pair of red adjustable bungee loops. The neoprene holders offer strong hold due to their elasticity and secure your trekking umbrella or sticks.
Holders include sewn loops for permanent mounting. The material is weather-proof and very light.
With the red bungee loops the trekking umbrella can be fastened on a variety of different loops on walking and trekking backpacks. Plastic stoppers and high-tension create a tight and secure hold.

EuroSCHIRM Holder-Set Umbrella or Hiking Stick Mounting Kit

SKU: SWS92719546
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