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【Foldable and easy to store】Our backpack is foldable and designed with great ingenuity. When not in use, it can be easily folded into a small compact package, about the size of a fist, and even fit into your pocket for convenient carrying. When you need to use it, it can unfold into a spacious and comfortable backpack that can accommodate all your essentials. Its design is like a magic box, bringing you unlimited convenience and making your travel and life more convenient.
【Lightweight like a Feather】This light wight backpack is as light as a feather, floating in the air without any heaviness. Whether you're hiking, camping, or going to the beach, carrying it on your back feels almost weightless. Using this backpack instead of other heavy backpacks can make your travels easier and more free.
【Large Capacity with Ample Storage Space】This backpack's unfolded size is 31x18x51cm, while its folded size is as small as a sandwich. The travel backpack has 30 liters of storage space, making it easy to organize all your essentials. The main compartment can hold clothes, magazines, cameras, and snacks; the inner compartment can hold computers, power banks, and files; the two side pockets can hold water bottles, foldable umbrellas, maps, or sunglasses, keeping your items well-organized.
【Durable and Resistant to Water and Tearing】The material of the backpack is made of selected water resistant nylon fabric, which can protect your items from being soaked even in rainy or accidental splashing situations. Its tear resistance is also outstanding, effectively preventing scratches from rocks or tree branches, and it will not easily be damaged. In addition, the SBS anti-theft zipper can effectively prevent thieves from opening the backpack or luggage, bringing you more safety.
【Multifunctional to Meet Various Needs】 This hiking backpack has a wide range of applications: when you travel, hike, engage in outdoor activities, day hikes, ride bicycles, or camp, this backpack can easily hold your necessities and daily items, such as clothes, sports shoes, food, water bottles, umbrellas, and more. When you are working, shopping or doing other daily activities, it can also easily hold your wallet, laptop, cosmetics, and more.

MULISOFT 30L Foldable Hiking Backpack, Lightwight Backpack For Men & Women, Wat

SKU: SWS92719509
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